Our Team

Jorge Oliveira, PhD

Jorge Oliveira holds a PhD in Neuropsychology in 2010 from Salamanca University, Spain. The current position is Associate Professor at Lusofona Univerisity, and Senior Researcher / R&D group coordinator at Cognition and People Centric Computing Laboratories (COPELabs), in Lisbon, Portugal. Jorge has published several papers in the fields of Psychology and Neuroscience. The research interests are mainly related to the study of serious-games based virtual reality for neurocognitive assessment and rehabilitation.

Pedro Gamito, PhD

Pedro Gamito earned his PhD in 2002 (The University of Salford, UK), and the title of Aggregate in Rehabilitation (Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal) in 2012. Pedro is a Full Professor, the head of the Computational Psychology Laboratory of Lusophone University in Lisbon, Portugal, and a senior researcher and the associate director of COPELABS (Cognition and People-centric Computing Laboratories). Since 2004 he has been developing, applying and clinically validating virtual reality applications designed to treat anxiety disorders and to rehabilitate cognitive deficits. Pedro has a myriad of peer-reviewed publications and is a referee on the major journals in his scientific field. Since 2015, Pedro is the CEO of Immersive Lives.