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Hybrid Human-AI Decision Support for Enhanced Human Empowerment in Dynamic Situations

Project HumAIne

Project GA 210907498

HumAIne will research, develop, validate and promote a novel operating system for Human-AI collaboration, which will enable the development of advanced decision making applications in dynamic, unstructured environments in different industrial sectors. The HumAIne OS will empower AI solution integrators to implement Human-AI collaboration systems that outperform AI systems and humans when working in isolation. HumAIne’s developments will be integrated into a single OS platform, which will coordinate four interwind components offering Active Learning (AL), Neuro-Symbolic Learning, Swarm Learning (SL) as well eXplainable AI (XAI) capabilities. HumAIne’s XAI will provide guidance to humans to enable the timely optimisation of AL and SL models where human participants provide feedback dynamically as well as fine-tuning of Neuro-Symbolic models. The platform will handle various types of structured and unstructured data, including inputs from humans that will be semantically correlated through ontologies, knowledge graphs, and semantic interoperability.

Horizon Europe

Budget: 325.000€